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Fundamental toys?

It's not just any ordinary toys,
it's a STEM Toys.


of parents want their kids to begin learning STEM subjects in elementary school.


of girls who explore STEM early are interested in STEM careers.


of parents can help kids get interested in STEM through shared activities.

Source - National PTA and Bayer

Key Benefits

Fun Learning

Learning while having fun with toys.

Screen-Free Play

Choosing toys over screens for a healthier playtime.

Spark Creativity

Toys that help us imagine and create.


Toys parents love for learning and creativity.

Make Memories

Building strong bonds with parents through play.

Lessons for Life

Learning important skills for life.

DIY Adventures

Being creative and resourceful while creating your own models.

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Racing car

Fire tank

Construction vechicles



Happy Customers Share Their Thoughts



The fundamental tractor toy is my daughter's favorite toy .With this toy, she doesn't need the TV or iPad to stay busy. It sparks her imagination and provides endless fun. I highly recommend it to parents who want to keep their children away from gadgets and promote imaginative play


Sudesh Kumar

I bought a fundamental racing car for my son. Not only does my eight-year-old child like playing with it, but I find myself joining in the excitement as well. The DIY aspect of this toy brings out the builder in both of us. We have a blast assembling the car together, using the 150+ pieces included in the set. It's amazing how many different designs we can create. The quality of the pieces is excellent, ensuring durability even during our most epic races.


Rao Vipin

I've seen my child's knowledge and skills thrive through play-based learning. These toys seamlessly blend education and play, creating an enriching experience. If you want to make learning enjoyable for your child, I highly recommend fundamental toys!


Sarita yadav

This toy is a game-changer for my kids. It's remarkable how it bridges the gap between their interests, allowing them to build models together. Previously, they would often argue or fight, but now they collaborate and share ideas. It's truly brought them together in a meaningful way, nurturing their imaginations and teaching them the value of teamwork.


Akhil Sharma

Amazing toy! My Nephew is  obsessed with the Fundamentals FIRE Tank Toy. They love building different models with the 180+ pieces and it's been great for their learning. Highly recommend it!

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